Tribes of Aboriginal Nations is an Ecclesiastical Aboriginal Independent Government officially founded Sept. 18, 2009 by brother Priest, but was in the works for a few years before.


THEOCRATIC GOVERNMENT IS ECCLESIASTICAL– As inspired and instructed by The Elders of The Order of Melchizedec to brother Priest.  These principles of Government are a Necessity of Aboriginal Peoples to be able to properly serve The Most High Almighty. In 1996 Elder Professor Zachariah instructed brother Priest who was a student of The Order that there is a separate body of Law that we could live under while in the United States and be Free.  These practices were being applied by these Elders long before these would become known under the monikers of Sovereignty, Patriotism, and Nationality Movements.  Ecclesiastical Law is the tool to return to Self Government/Theocratic Government.  Theocratic Government has The Most High Almighty as it’s Supreme God Head and can only be instituted by Aboriginal Nations Governing Themselves as required by our Creator.

SOVEREIGNTY AS SELF GOVERNMENT – Sovereignty by definition is Self Reign, one (uni) who reigns over self, or the science of Self Rule.  All of which pertain to Self Government  Self Government is a Natural Law Government meaning that all Nations are designed by The Most High Almighty to Govern themselves in all of their affairs.

Self Government is ancient and can be found being implemented by the original civilizations of the Earth, who are recorded in Scripture as Shemitic Aboriginal Peoples.

Natural Law Governments are formulated according to Nationality by bloodline/blood type, genetic composite/dna code, and tribal descent as historically recorded in public.

Ecclesiastical Government is the modern equivalent in Law to Theocratic Government.

COVENANT CONSTITUTION – Our actual Constitution is that which has become known as the old testament of The Holy Bible, which is the covenant given to The Mosiac Aboriginals.

(Additional Constitution and By-Laws are shared with Member Citizenship upon Acceptance)


PROFESSION OF FAITH: LAW. We are NON RELIGIOUS. We are of The Hebrew Faith, which is that which has been passed down by the ancestors of the Shemetic Aboriginal Peoples via The Prophets, Kings, and Messengers as recorded in Scriptures and in history. That being the principles and master tools of Civilization. Civilization equals Government, Law, and Commerce. The word Hebrew, stemming from Habiru, meaning to cross over, because we maintain that which the Prophet Abraham brought with him as he left Ancient Ur, and that was Civilization.  Science provides the evidence and proof of Faith.