Archaelogical Evidence


(True Jews) Israelites in Assyrian/Babylonian Captivity.  This is the first depiction in history of the people called Jews, they are obviously of Negroid stock.

This is said to be Be Israelite Sisters on the walls of Khemet.

Israelites as Bondservants in Egypt.  The reason most do not think there was slavery in Egypt is because of the lack of comprehension of the Language of Law.  Most believe slavery to be that which occurred to us by way of slave ships, chains, and whips.  We were in bond-servant/Chattel Slavery which is done in Commerce and in Status.

King Solomon

Israelite Tribe of Judah Moorish Coat of Arms.  How do we know these are The Tribe of Judah?  The Head Wear, Wooly Hair, and skin complexion.

Byzantium Madonna and Child