We have a 3 year Minimum Curriculum.  In this we teach history, law, reconstructing your affairs, and preparing each individual to be competent in all matters of life.  We can ill afford to further produce people who are ignorant to what is actually taking place on the Earth.

There is a serious requirement to know what it is you are doing before doing it.  If you don’t comprehend, don’t move forward with anything until you do, especially when you come to the realization that what you are faced with is detrimental to you. Too often there are those who sell so-called ‘Sovereignty’ and ‘Nationality’, robing the people of their federal reserve notes, never actually teaching them how to conduct themselves in matters of law.  It is more important to teach properly for this is what produce an upright and educated people.  It is our goal to make sure we maintain integrity for this is our commitment in Love for our people.


What is actually going on, here on the Earth.

What is happening on Earth is not a matter of opinion, religion, or belief.  We must be very careful in our learning and teaching to comprehend the difference.  Factually there is something Superior to us that rules over us whether we believe in a God or not and that is Natural Law and Nature itself.  There is haughtiness, arrogance, deception, homosexuality & lesbianism, idolatry, bestiality, bigotry, slavery, murder, and war.

There are 5 Major Religions, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. When we actually examine this here’s the reality we must accept.

  • 3 Religions claim the same origin.  Christianity, Judaism, Islam, but yet the 3 do not agree.
  • The remaining 2 Major Religions have similar origins, with Buddha said to be the 9th incarnation of the Hindu God Vishnu.  And these 2 do not agree.
  • Christianity is the largest global religion but yet there are literally thousands of denominations of Christianity that do not agree with one another.
  • Judaism is divided, Zionists vs the Orthodox Jewish people, they do not agree.
  • Islam is divided, Sunni vs. Shiite (and countless other divisions) here again they do not agree.

All over the Earth you find the same thing going on with one splinter group after another, all claiming the one true God, but still yet the Sun, Moon, and Stars continue to shine upon us all.  This is no different in the Hebrew Faith, in Egyptology, MSTA Inc., NOI, etc. So the Creator of all is not in confusion about the creations, and the only ones who are in confusion are the people who are in the religious sects.  How can they all be right and all be wrong in the eyes of each other and themselves in how they view others when it comes to ‘God‘, but yet they all can agree there is a Sun up in the Sky and there’s no argument about it?

The Structure of the Earth is as follows which is not a matter of belief:

  1. Zionist Jewish Bankers Control the Global Monetary System
  2. Roman Catholic Christians control all of Christianity and their Empire controls the United Kingdom (including the British Colonies of America and Canada).
  3. Islamic Countries are always having to fight wars against the Roman Christian United States of America.
  4. The Middle East has wars going on between Islamic Arabs and Jewish Arabs, and Islamic Arabs vs. Jewish/German Ashkenazi.


So in looking at this be mindful of the following:

  • Christianity DOES NOT manage the Global Monetary System
  • Islam, Buddhism, Hinduim, DO NOT manage, maintain or control the Global Monetary System
  • Hebrew Israelites, Egyptology, Moorish Science, Gods and Goddesses, Conscious Communities, Black Panthers, Nationalists, Pan-Africanist’s, DO NOT control the Global Monetary System

So all these things that occur happen under the management of Zionist Jewish people.  This is not to make them appear to be bad, this is to look at the facts. So if all of the above mentioned claim that each other is wrong about history, but the fact is it really doesn’t matter if you believe in one another’s history teachings or not, Zionist Jewish people still go on controlling Global Commerce.  The Sun, Moon, Stars, and Earth still go on Orbiting.

But wait, to make sense of why this is structured this way, then if what you claim to follow as your basis for comprehending history must match the present day structure.  We know in history that there were people of Negroid stock known as Moors who ruled through out the Middle Ages and Medieval Times.  These Moors were not all Islamic, as a matter of fact there were a greater amount of Non-Islamic Moors than the ones who were in Islam.

But during the Crusades when the Khazars under rule of King Bulun did not want to side with Moslems or Christians, they decided to go to the Moorish Jews/Moorish Hebrews seeking political asylum.  It was then that the present day bankers learned Global Commerce they learned it from The Moorish Hebrews.  (To comprehend this do not get Judaism confused with the Hebrew Faith).  So when the Moorish Jews/Hebrews fell into Bond Servitude/Slavery, a group of the Khazars rose up and took over Global Commerce based on the same Hebrew Laws and Principles.  Now because of this, everyone on the Earth is subjected Commercially to the Laws of the Torah, whether you believe in it or not it’s the truth.

Proceeding with that in mind, you must comprehend that Bond Servitude/Slavery today is the same as it was 5,000 years ago, centuries before America was even thought of.  The means of removing yourself from Bond Servitude is exactly the same today as it was thousands of years ago.  And whereas there are many of our people in America who don’t ‘believe’ in the Bible, they still ‘believe’ they have been enslaved and the Transatlantic Slave Trade did take place, not comprehending why.

What’s going on here on Earth is, when ever a people violate the laws of Nature which is the perfect will of The Most High Almighty, such a people are cast into Bond Servitude/Slavery.  Again this is not a matter of religious belief and if you’d just broaden your thinking and open your eyes you would see this clearly.  Those who are written of in Scripture passed this down and when we applied it to others it was ok, but soon as we are the transgressors we cry to the high heavens and villainize those who we taught this to.

Law is no respecter of persons

All of us on this planet are subjected to the same Natural Laws, and Bond Servitude is Natures Punishment.  Bond Servitude does not mean it gives people the right to rape, rob, pilferage, lynch and murder just because.  This misunderstanding is really the source of a great many troubles on this Earth.  The purpose of Bond Servitude is to place a debt punishment on individual souls that have transgressed the Laws of The Most High.  Oddly enough if we set aside our religious beliefs, philosophies, ideologies, and our overall neurotic, arrogant, haughty, vanities and egotism; looking at this thing for the simplicity that it really is, we’d be able to comprehend this rather easily.  And despite your vast confusion or for some of you outright hatred for the Bible, we’d see that history does have overwhelming evidence of it’s validity when religious interpretations are set aside, just in the fact that it proves that Bond Servitude existed long before 1492.

Unfortunately Bond Servitude was replaced in the minds of the masses with the Transatlantic Slave Trade.  Slavery since then has become synonymous with ships and whips, prejudice, bigotry, racism, rape, lynching, burning at the stake, billy clubs, water hoses, dog bites, whites only signs, and various other diabolical actions that are simply inhumane. Slavery is littered with bloodshed by those who took Bond Servitude to an unjustifiable extreme.  Whereas those who have become Slave Masters have gone far overboard with the maltreatment of Aboriginal peoples of the Earth, they likewise must answer for their crimes and return to Bond Servitude.