The Structure of Theocratic Government. Is an Imperial Empire. The Great I AM is The ‘Imperor’.

  • Emperor – The Great I AM. (The Most High Almighty) Yah
  • King and King’s Court ( In absence of a bloodline descendant King, The Chief of Prophets, or Chief High Priest operates as does the King. In absence of Chief of Prophets or Chief High Priest, High Priest operates as does the King.)
  • Chancery (Court of Equity-Chancellor as Chief of Judges)
  • Prophetic Order – Originally founded by Prophet Samuel (Office leader as Chief of Prophets)
  • Chief High Priest
  • Council of Elders
  • Prophetic Order
  • Ecclesiastic Order (Priests, Judges, Ministers)
  • Chamberlain (Treasurer)
  • Military
  • Militia (Spiritual Warriors, Field Judges, Priests and Prophets)
  • Clerks and Officials
  • University Temple (Chancellor – University President of an Institution of Higher Learning).
  • The Temple’s were considered in a sense the ‘headquarters’ of the Theocratic Government.  Which include the Treasury as The Bank of Nations.



minister, n.

A prominent government officer appointed to manage an executive or administrative department.

A diplomatic representative, esp. one ranking below an ambassador.

Black’s Law 7th Edition

  • Ministry of Economics
  • Ministry of Self Defense
  • Ministry of Divine Health
  • Ministry of Divine Union
  • Ministry of Law
  • Ministry of Higher Learning
  • Ministry of Science and Technology

Ministers are to receive tax-exempt status post ordination.