Sovereign Mythology Exposed

We have been the sole voice for 5 plus years via internet (and 7 years prior to that on the underground) speaking against this Sovereign Madness and Mythology!  We have been teaching that what people are looking for in Sovereignty is really not ‘Sovereignty’ it’s Freedom from acquiring Free Caste Status from Emanicpation.  You DON’T and CAN’T go to a court and establish ‘Sovereignty, why the very thought and expression of such is an oxymoron. You can establish Freedom by Emancipation in a court.  The Dred Scott Case is an example of one seeking to establish Freedom, not Sovereignty.

A court can’t give you Sovereignty, do not get this confused, but you can establish Sovereignty after being Emancipated by a court.  Equally, if you are a Bond Servant/Slave you CAN NOT establish Sovereignty before you are Emancipated And then actually, Emancipation is really Redemption (See Sovereign Nationality and Bond Servitude Relations) .

The majority of what you hear in the movement may have origins of truth but the presentations and how to extract the truth from the falsehood becomes a never ending unnecessary life struggle.  There are some in the movement that have deliberately been selling the idea of Sovereignty and Nationality knowing they do not have a solid comprehension of it themselves, neither do they have remedy. Such persons have turned Sovereignty into a religion and an idol God, so that now everyone is trying to say all life’s answers can be found in so-called Sovereign Secret Knowledge.



  • Is there a Treasury Account?  Yes but again it’s not secret sovereign knowledge.  No you don’t open an account by sending the Treasurer a Registered Mail Number or any of that.  Anyone can open an account with the Treasury at anytime.
  • 1099 O.I.D. (Original Issue Discount).  We personally know people and have a few in this Nation that have received huge returns from OID filings, however, you have to be in the proper status to receive such.  The proper status does not mean being a said ‘sovereign’ or having ‘Nationality’.  Simply go speak with an IRS agent or well educated Tax-Preparer and they shall easily educate you on how to go about this properly without the threat of being imprisoned.
  • Expatriation, Repatriation into the Republic.  This said sovereign secret knowledge is complete fraud.  The republic is accessed through general everyday methods for those who have properly studied Civics. Actual Expatriation is done officially through the U.S. Dept. of State
  • Executricks Letter.  Today they have a new name for it but before it was known as Executricks Letter it was known by another name.  Same old fraud repackage with a new name.

There are some that will read this and think we do not know what we are talking about or we are siding with the U.S. but no.  We are just a body of people who have learned by studying actual Law and have achieved many of the things that people claim to be achieving in so-called sovereignty without having to go to Prison, have friendships and families destroyed, and worst of all, destroyed peoples minds.  The Real Answers are in the Scriptures and in the Law Books.