Sovereignty vs. Freedom

It’s important to denote that the people taken from the West Coast of Africa and Spain were carried away into Slavery by the Roman Catholic Church and United Kingdom.  These were a specific people taken for a specific reason.  This was the Romans vs. Israelites/Moors in History.

Sovereignty and Freedom are essentially two separate issues.  Sovereignty is Freedom in and of itself, but one may achieve Freedom without Sovereignty.  Those who comprehend law properly know this, those who don’t make mischief.  It is in fact far easier to achieve Freedom than it is to establish Sovereignty but because of the severe mis-education and fraud running rampant across the Country, many are being led to Hell and a FEMA camp.

Slaves can at anytime be redeemed from Bond Servitude/Slavery if they are properly educated in law matters, meaning slaves can ‘buy’ themselves out of slavery.  If they are not properly educated in law, their brethren who is can redeem them. Despite what many falsely believe, the education on how to do such is not hidden, but yet on the contrary it’s not taught or shared either.  If you are a truth seeker, as it is written, “seek and ye shall find’, still yet Tribes of Aboriginal Nations has been raised by The Most High Almighty to be that brethren to assist you.

History teaches us that the original slaves of Europe were the Slavic people, hence this is where the Western Hemisphere refers to the term Slave because many of them are descendants of those same families.  The proper terminology is Bond Servant.  If you recall in the history of the United States it’s always talked about that a slave could ‘buy’ their freedom.  It’s commonly known that there were Freedman Bureaus etc. that were established to assist in these matters.  When a slave would be freed they would have a legal name change removing the slave masters name from them and would replace it with their original Table of Nations names (ex. Pete Simonite, Jason Elam), or with generic names such as ‘Freeman’ (ex. Morgan Freeman, or like in Germany – Blake Friedman).  This is an ancient practice that did not begin in America.

In knowing that one can be free without having to be ‘Sovereign’ what then is Freedom?

Persons are recorded and designated as colors to denote state of mind consciousness and social condition.  Being free means returning to your original consciousness and social awareness.  Returning to your original name and satisfying or removing all Spiritual and economic debt.  Returning to your culture.  Knowing how to properly contract.  Being free means knowing how to conduct yourself morally, politically, socially, commercially, spiritually.  Being free means a change in tax bracket/tax status.

Sovereignty and/or Freedom doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want just because you feel like it.  Actually it’s more of a responsibility than it is in being a Bond Servant/Slave.  It does mean you can be left alone from outside intruders, but it also means that you must be mindful to remain respectful of all others as well.  You are not alone in this Universe or on this Earth, and so your actions no matter how big or small shall always affect someone outside of you even when you don’t know it.  You could be a threat to wildlife, or you could be the chief source or water and air pollution while being ‘free’ or ‘sovereign’, are you not to be held accountable by Nature itself?

Freedom means to be submissive to the will of The Most High Almighty, to be in harmony with nature and seek to be an asset to the Earth rather than a mischief maker or evildoer.  Many people want ‘sovereignty’ or ‘freedom’ just to escape the punishments for the wickedness they’ve done not knowing that there is no escape because your punishment is written in Nature.  They don’t feel they should have to answer for anything so they begin using words like ‘only God can judge me‘, but how does The Most High bring about judgment upon transgressors?  Judgment is inflicted by means of natural disasters, mental and physical disease, and social condition status and treatment.

Those who think they are already free don’t even know that they don’t know that they are not free.  It’s one thing to be a ‘free spirit’, and another to be free indeed.

John 8:32
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
John 8:36
If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

The whole idea behind Redemption by means of The Christ as a sacrificial lamb is to return you to the truth of what freedom and sovereignty actual are and have been since the beginning of time.