Where are the Lost Sheep Today?

Where are the Lost Sheep Today?

10 of the 12 Tribes came to the Western Hemisphere 2500 years or more before Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus).  These 10 Tribes would later be known as Aztecs, Mayans, Olmecs, Boricua, Taino, etc., then even later as Native Americans, Indians, and the Indigenous and Aboriginal peoples of the west.  These 10 Tribes have very distinctive characteristics that allow us to determine exactly who they are. This is commonly known by U.S. Government Officials and has tons of historical evidence.


Elias BoudinotA Star in the West

The 10 Tribes that were here were also originally predominantly of darker hue (such as the Aztecs & Olmec’s), until the Spanish Conquest. This is also why Spanish became the National Language of Central and South America. 


The Spanish Conquest

The Conquistadors rape of Aboriginal women in the Western Hemisphere of these 10 Tribes was one of the many ways their skin complexion and hair textures began to change. 

Now this means that there are 2 Tribes to pinpoint, and these 2 Tribes were Judah and Benjamin who where on the West Coast of Africa and Spain during the beginning of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and these are those who were taken away on the Slave Ships.  These 2 Tribes were dark skinned with wool like hair and easily identifiable.  So in history where it denotes that ‘Black’ people sold ‘Black’ people into slavery, it really is referring to Africans (Hamites) selling Negroes and West Indians (Shemite-Israelites) with Judah being the North American Negroes & Benjamin being the West Indians. 

black-diasporaThere are several historical references to that denote that there was an influx of Dark Skinned Jews that came to the West Coast of Africa.  These Jews were the aforementioned 2 Tribes that would later be sold into slavery via the Transatlantic Slave Trade.  This is also commonly known by U.S Government Officials but yet unspoken of, and records are held even in the U.S. Census reports.


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Ella HughleyThe Truth About Black Biblical Hebrew-Israelites (Jews)

The 12 Tribes today are scattered throughout the 4 quarters of the Earth and can be found everywhere from Canada to The U.K. to Africa to the Americas.