The Million Dollar Birth Certificate & Social Security Card

Is the Birth Certificate really worth 1 Million Dollars and can I cash it in?


There is truth that there is value in a Birth Certificate, but what the Sovereign Charlatans are selling to the people is again Fraud!  No you CAN NOT cash it out for $1 Million. The Birth Certificate is balanced by the Social Security Card on the ledger account of each individual citizen, Citizen, and National.  The funds are issued back to you in your daily affairs and yearly taxes and the lack of proper education is what makes the people not even realize this. These funds are accessible to you in general everyday ways, sometimes through grants, welfare, and overall general services and free education like at Libraries.

Have you ever seen those unclaimed funds commercials?  Sometimes these unclaimed funds are some of the surplus the Government is holding on to that you can retrieve if you just make the effort, no mystery or secret about it, just go look it up in your state and you can get some of those funds right now!

There is no DTC collection method for multiple Social Security Cards this is simply fraud.