Warning against UCC Filing Scams

UCC filings DO NOT and have never established Sovereignty or Nationality.  Those that teach such are committing straight out fraud.  Many people have been misled into paying thousands of dollars for UCC filings that are absolutely useless in matters of Sovereignty or Nationality.  There is the additional confusion of Nationality and Citizenship.  Just do a little research for yourself and you shall find that UCC filings have nothing to do with acquiring foreign Citizenship.  All one would need to do is just study any Citizenship process anywhere on Earth and you will find there is no need for a UCC filing to accomplish this.

UCC filings DO NOT place a lien on the STRAW MAN that makes one immune to prosecution.  Still whereas they can be used for PUBLIC NOTICE sake, UCC filings DO NOT establish Civil, National, Indigenous, or Aboriginal rights neither do they protect you from Court adjudication.  They can however be used in some contract disputes to your advantage but you must know how to do it properly.  (No we are not talking about disputes about birth certificates as contracts, there is another forum for that).


What then is the purpose of a UCC Filing?

UCC is a form of PUBLIC RECORD. To make this clear and plain, Uniform Commercial Code is exactly what it states, it’s Commercial Laws codified from ancient Hebrew Commercial Laws into modern day translations.  When using the term Hebrew Commercial Code this is not us just saying this, some think that we are talking about religion or Judaism, this is not the case.  Still others argue, “Hammurabi or KMT (Khemet) pre-date the Bible”.  We are not talking about what your perception of timelines in history are.  It is not Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, or Egyptology that govern international banking today.  The International Bankers are Zionist’s.

Nonetheless UCC Laws are Contract Laws, which have only recently after 2009 began to be adopted by all 50 U.S. States.  Prior to 2009 the hundreds of millions of UCC filings that were done all across the Country weren’t even enforceable in most U.S. States.The purpose of a UCC fling is for Commercial and Contract transactions pertaining first to private contracting.  UCC laws have very limited if any power at all in aiding you with some kind of Felony Criminal Defense.  UCC filings WON’T protect you from going to Jail or Prison, won’t get you out of Prison, WON’T STOP Child Support Payments. 

You CAN NOT write UCC Bonds, Promissory Notes, Bills of Exchange, etc.  You can however use a UCC filing to place the legitimate aforementioned Negotiable Instruments on PUBLIC RECORD. 

DO NOT attempt to place a lien on Clerks, Police Officers, Judges, Attorneys, Banks, or Public Officials.  Even if you knew the proper way to place a lien, you DO NOT have what is needed to place a lien on the Public Employees.  Can it be done….yes, but not how it is taught in the said ‘sovereign world’.  Placing liens on Public Employees is not a ‘sovereign secret’, it’s actually done through the standard laws.  It’s not even hidden.

In closing, UCC filings are generally used in some Real Estate Transactions, but mostly with private banking and various forms of private contracting, none of which have any relations to establishing Sovereignty or Nationality.  The truth is however that a true Sovereign entity would know the proper use and procedures of UCC filings and would know that this is not something needed to establish itself as Sovereign.